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Custom Cake's

Custom cakes are cakes baked and decorated on request....the cake and icing is made fresh for each cake.
The word custom is derived from customized which means to make or create something to suit the need of the owner.
It is totally different from entering a grocery store or an eatery to purchase  a frozen cake decorated with premade icing.
Nothing that is custom made is cheap, custom cloths, cars etc.. Therefore one cannot expect to buy a cake that takes hours, days sometimes weeks to create and pay grocery price.
When buying from an artist or a maker,you are buying more than just an object/painting. You are buying the hundreds of hours of time invested into the his work....
So why should you order a custom cake rather than buying from the grocery store
* The cakes are made fresh once your order is made. The fresher a product  the healthier
* The designs you want on your cake is determined by you.
* Either you want lower sugar in your cake or you want more milk it is your choice to make.
* The baker respect your decision and sometimes provides you a better alternative that is worth your money value.

Considering all this and how much an individual earns during an 8hour day,If a Baker spends 8hours on a cake, pls understand!


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