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Pk Tips for Aspiring Bakers

Welcome to PKCAKES blog!!!

This week we would sharing  some vital information that will help out aspiring bakers and cake decorators to succeed in the the baking world

First thing first you must recognize that baking isn't like any other skill in which you venture into with the sole purpose of making cash. Yes! You gonna make cool cash but without passion and enthusiasm you are not gonna go far in the baking world

Secondly you have to  learn the act of baking and decorating.

You should be computer(phone) literate because you will have to surf the internet constantly
either to market your product or to update your skills

You must possess a good interpersonal relationship skill because communicating professionally to your customers and staffs is the key to moving upward in this field

You should practice baking small sample cakes at home, in other to taste and judge yourself before baking for a customers(good report is the soul of this business) since you cannot meet every of your potential client in person most of your cake jobs is going to be through referrals therefore don't pass for good what you know is bad, let every cake you bake be an ambassador of you out there.
To be continued...


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